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Sea To Launch Roadflow Fusion At Parkex 2019 Sea To Launch Roadflow Fusion At Parkex 2019

Sea To Launch Roadflow Fusion At Parkex 2019

SEA is launching its innovative new ROADflow Fusion traffic enforcement system at Parkex 2019.   

ROADflow Fusion brings together the functionality of the industry-leading ROADflow Flexi, Motion and Vision systems in a single, modular, multi-purpose solution, which provides local authorities with a future-proof and cost-effective platform for traffic enforcement. ROADflow Fusion is built on an open platform, enabling easy integration with leading edge, high definition cameras.

A single product solution, ROADflow Fusion eradicates the need for several separate systems for different applications to create cost and procedural efficiencies. The system can be configured for different enforcement options, including bus lanes, yellow box junctions and restricted routes so that local authorities can gain the maximum value from each installed system.

Additionally, ROADflow Fusion has the future capability to act as a data node, gathering valuable data on traffic flow and driver behaviour. This presents customers with the opportunity to use the captured data to develop more integrated and cleaner transport infrastructure in the future.

The system can be deployed as a fixed or mobile enforcement system, with an optional managed service ‘hosted’ back office application. The system can also be applied to attended or unattended enforcement scenarios. In addition, the system will be supported by SEA’s dedicated in-house support team.

Steve Hill, Managing Director at SEA: “ROADflow Fusion is a step forward for multi-purpose traffic enforcement systems, offering a flexible deployment solution that provides tangible cost and efficiency benefits for our customers.

“Our technology is at the forefront of progress in the traffic enforcement industry with over 750 systems already installed world-wide.  We continue to provide bespoke solutions based on individual customer requirements so Parkex 2019 is the perfect place for us to launch this new innovative capability, and we’re excited to be joined by the biggest names in the parking technology sector and introduce them to the technology.”