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Torpedo Launcher Systems

Our key capability in Ship and Fleet protection is our intelligent Torpedo Launcher System - the preferred system for the UK Royal Navy.

It provides fully qualified, proven rapid launch for a variety of NATO standard calibre lightweight torpedoes. Easily configured and flexible for any of the weapons currently in service, its design meets the requirements of ships varying in size and structure.

The Torpedo Launcher System is a close range, and rapid reaction
system capable of firing a variety of NATO compatible standard light weight torpedoes, including the US Mk44, Mk46 and Mk54 torpedoes, UK Sting Ray, Italian A244S, French MU90 and the Korean Blue Shark.

Highly flexible due to its unique modular design, the system can also be configured to use other weapons on an individual basis. This will enable the Navy to retain control of its supply chain through a choice of suppliers for ammunition, delivering greater flexibility and long-term value.

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